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1. Knee Pain(Ghutna ka Dard): Pain in Knee while folding and Walking is seen in Old persons. – (i). Caust- 1M-1st day, then Medorinum-1M daily for 7 days. Repeating this sequence for 4 doses (i.e. for 4 week) will cure the case. (ii) Bry-200 & Osto artherirtis-200 in alternate days along with (i) combination।

2. Lumbago ( Waist, Kamar Dard - in Male): (i)Medorh-1M one dose, (ii) Rhus tox- 1M alternate day, and (iii) Macrotinum-30 one dose daily for a month।

3. Lumbago ( Waist, Kamar Dard - in Female): (i) Cimicifuga-200 & Rhus tox-200 alternate days।

4. Dysmenorrhoea (Rhitushool): (i) Puls-200 & Cimicifuga-200 alternate day (ii) Viburnum opulus- Q 15 drops 3 time/day (for 5 days)

5. Metrorhegia(Irregular menstrual Cycle in Youg girls): (I) Puls-200 ( In Fatty & Flabby (Thulthuly) girl, Calc Carb-200) daily one dose in morning. (ii) BC- 27: 4 tabs 3 times/day।

6. Spermetorrhoea (Shukrameh): (i) Acid Phos-200 &Chine-200 alternate day. (ii) Acid Phos- Q, 10 drops Twice daily for 1 month. (iii) In severe weakness- BC- 27: 4 tabs 3 times/ day.

7. Sexual Neuresthenia (Purushartha ki kami): (i) Selenium-200 & Acid Phos-200 alternate twice daily. (ii) Lyco-1M once in a week for 1 month. (iii) Avena Sativa Q +Ashwagandha Q+Nuphar Lutea Q mixture 20 drops twice daily (iv) BC- 28: 4 tabs 3 times/ day.

8. Leucorrhoea (Shwet pradar): (i) (Sepia 200 + Kreosote 200) mixture in morning. (ii) Borax 200 in evening. (iv) Obha Tosta 3x – 1 tabs thrice daily. (v) In much weakness- Leuco F Tonic - 1 spoon twice daily.

9. Stomatitis (Muh Ana, Muh me Chhale Panda): (i) First, Bell 1M one dose.(ii) From next day- Merc Sol 200 & Borex 200 alternate Morning and Evening. (iii) Gargle with Calendula-Q mixed water. (iv) In recurring case( Bar-bar hone par) Tub 1M twice/month.

10. White Spot on Face (Chehre par halke safed Dhabbey hona): Mostly seen in children. Sep 200 & Ars sulph Flavum 200 alternate leaving 1 day. (ii) Merc Sol- 1M one dose after 7 days. (iii) In case of Worm- Cina 1M, three dose.

11. Warts on Cheek and Face(may be hard or shoft, big or small, round or flat): Thuja-200 & Caust-200 alternate day. Apply Thuja Ointment on warts for fast result.

12. Dentition Pain (Dantodgam ke Kasta): Loose motion, vomiting, no hunger in Children of 6 month to 2 yrs old. Chamomila-30 & Podophylum-30 alternate day. Dento (SBL)- 2 tabs 3 times/day Or, BC-21, two tabs 3 times/day for months.

13. Hair Falling (Bal Jhadna): Visvaden-30 & China-30 alternate day. Hair falling in Patches (Chakate me) then Phos-200 & Selenium-200 alternate day. Apply mixture of equal parts of ( Arn-Q + Amalki-Q + Jaborandi-Q) in head.

14. Apendisitis: Bell-30 in morning, Iris tenex-30 in forenoon, Colocynth-30 in night for some days. Along with this BC-3 four tabs thrice daily, and Magnine tab (Dechane)- 1 tab twice daily after eating with warm water. ( Patient should take complete rest, boiled water and light food).

15. Bleeding Piles (Rakta Shravi Babasir): Ist day Morning Psorinum-200 one dose and Second day Morning Nat Mur- 1M one dose. This is wonderful.

16. Constipation (Kabja, Malavarodh): Take 20 drops of Hydrastis can.-Q with water, 20 minutes before taking Food and Collonsonia-Q 20 drop with water After Food with fresh water.

17. Heart disease (Hridaya Rog): For any kind may be High BP or Low BP or Heart trembling (Hrikampan)- Arjuna & Creatigus Ox –Q mixture with tepid water (Shushum Jal)

18. Warts ( Masse): Take Dulcamara for Warts on the fingers –Dr Kent

19. Blood Cancer (Rakta Cancer): -Ars iodum 3x. -Natrum sulph. -Natrum sulph 3x and Thuja 30. -Picric acid 3x . -X-Ray (in High potency).

20. Liver Cancer (Yakrit Cancer): Hydrastis can

21. Deafness (Bahrapan): Thiosinaminum 3x-4x is best for Deafness of Old Person.

22. Conjuctivitis (Motiabind): Zincum sulph- CM. Thiosinaminum- It melts the Scare tissues in Motiabind.

23. Women’s Banjhapan(No child birth): F.S.H.- CM; L.H.- CM; Pitutary, Testes-3x, D.N.A. and R.N.A.; Testosterone – these new medicines are very effective. Aurum Mur Natronatum-3x is also much praised.

24. Phelopepian Tube Closed: For Left- Lachesis and for Right – Lyco, both in high potency. Thiosinaminum- 50M.

25. Prostate Gland (Paurus Granthi Bridhi) enlarged: Sabal Serrulata-Q, 30 drops and Berberis-Q, 15 drops alternately 4 times daily. Thuja-1M at 15 days interval. Prostrate-30 to CM – it is used to stop the increase of postrate. In first stage (in swelling) use Gun Powder-CM then give Prostrate-30 to CM. (Sabal Ser.-Q +Solidigo-Q + Scro ulario-Q ), mix all and give 10 drops thrice daily.

26. Cancer Postrate: (Vinca Minor-Q + Anacardium-Q + Phytolaca-Q) give mixture of all three.

27: Urine disease:
(a) Retention or Suppression of Urine: Cantheris 6 (best remedy), Solidiago V.-Q ( Bina Catheter ke peshab kholti hai. Catheter is not required after it’s use for some days), Terbenthina 30 (Best when both stool & urine are stopped), Morgian (urine retention due to Renal stone), Solanum Xan.-Q (10-15 drops with water at 15 minutes interval). (b) Burning while Urinating (Pesab men Jalan): Cantheris 6 & Anagallis 6 – Take alternately, it will stop severe burning and allow urine to pass. (c) B. Coli (Detected from Urine Culture) – Severe burning in urine with fever- Take One dose of B.Coli.-30 or 1M –Best remedy.
(d) Diabetes (Peshab ya Rakta me Chini yana): A.C.T.H.-30 – CM (It is a new medicine), Cephalandra Indica-Q, Syzigium Jambolana-Q. (e) Kidney disease- Kidney 30 – CM. (f) Bed Wetting (Bichhavan par peshab) – Bladder 30.

28. Hiccup: Ginseng-Q (with water), Ipecac-200 and then Magnesia Phos.with hot water if Ginseng fails, Amyle Nitri (Put some drops in hanky and smell) drops.

29. Sarse: A Viral disease. Carb veg. can cure. Oxygen can be give.

30. Blood dysentery: Sterptococcin 200-1M, Blum iod Q., Merc cor. 200-1M (discharge of blood more than mucus).

31. Amobiasis (Jirna Amatisar): Staphylococcin 200-1M (It must be given when E.H is found in stool). Kurchi Q+ Atista Indica Q + Eagel Mar Q mixture be given in 15 drops with water.

32. Loss of memory: Aethuja 30, 200 (exam funk and empty mind, old age memory loss, leaves bag on shop after purchasing goods). La can. 200 –Tala band karne par bhi yad na rahna., Anacardium 12, Aethuja, Picric acid, Natrum carm.

33. Hydrocele: Merc Pro Iod 3x – (4 times daily in Right hydrocele increased and painfull). Merc bin iod 2x (left testes increase and painful). Rododendrone- (Baye andkosh mei sujan, bhulan & kuchal jane jaisa pain mei High potency). Lachesis 200-1M (in left hydrocele). In old hydrocele –Puls, Hemameli, Clematis, Sulph, Calc carb, Psorinum.

34. Sleep Disc: It causes patient not to stand. Rhus tox., Arnica, Symphytum, Ruta and Hypericum- all in 1M Potency and higher to be taken at 15-15 minutes interval one after another. Then mix all and take When pain decreases frequency of taking medicine is decreases.

35. Dwarfness ( Short Height, Stunted growth)
(a) Tuberculinum - 200 or 1m, Baryta carb - 200 or 1m, Thuja - 200 or 1m. These remedies to be given alternately (every week if used in 2oo potency or month if used in 1 m potency). for six months or more. It suits between the age of 10 to 17.
(b) First give Tuberculinum not lower than 200 potency. One week after this give Baryta carb- 200.
(c) Tuberculinum and Syphilinum if given in 200 or 1m potency alternately every week or fortnightly will cure the dwarfishness. (Source: R.B.B. Das)

Bye – Bye to Caesarean Surgery (Safe Delivery) & other diseases
1. The foetus (baby in uterus of the pregnant mother), 1-3 weeks prior to delivery date, turns upside down from upright position and the uterus descends down in such a way that the head of the foetus remains fixed in the pelvic floor of the mother. At the delivery time the mouth of the uterus dilates and the child comes out.. Even after the full terms of ten months
(a) if the baby does not turn upside down, or
(b) if the babay turns half-way only and lies crosswise, or
( c) if the baby has turned upside down but does not descend further down
Then give PULSATILA – 1M every 4-8 hours. In the next 24 hours it would be a normal and safe delivery.

2. If the baby in the uterus stops growing give one dose of SECALE CORNUTUM- 10M. The baby will start growing. Get it checked by Doctor through SCAN after a month for confirmation.

3. Newly married women are prone to urinary infection then give one single dose of STAPHYSAGRIA- 1M to cure the case.

4. After caesarean or any abdominal operation pain is felt in the sutured place for years. But single dose of STAPHYSAGRIA – 1M will remove the pain in 24 hrs.

5. Boiling tea flashed ( fallen) on your face which caused sudden eyesight loss- in this case one dose of CARBOLIC ACID – 200 will cure your problem.

6. A man puts into his mouth ACID (used to clean the floor of toilet), mistaking it to be mouthwash, now he can not take solid food, masala etc.- take one dose of CARBOLIC ACID -200 to heal the scar of mouth.

7. Fracture of tibia bone in leg- one dose of ANTHRASINUM- 1m will give a magical relief.

8. CHIKUNGUNIA Disease- one single dose of POLYPORUS PINICOLA – 10,000 X will cure the case.

9. Constipation of an old person, allopathic laxative and purgative has no effect – then give one single dose of LAC. DEF.. After 3-4 days he will start passing stool regularly.
(Constipation, drug, purgative of no avail- Lac def. and Opium)

10. A weak and anemic girl can not develop pain for normal birth so she has to go for caesarian operation – in this case if MURIATIC ACID is given in three doses at 8 hrs interval on the day she goes to hospital for delivery, surprising there will be normal delivery within 24 hrs.

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  1. dear, can you tell me some remedies about a femeale of 55 yrs preoperated uterus while cervical before 5 yrs, now soft tissutes are found in the Urinary blader and pouch of douglas.now there is swelling and inflamation in viginal area and secration of lubricative material while urinate, pls suggest me.

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